Moisturizing Foundation Primer S in shade 01 is the perfect primer for those with fairer skin and pink undertones. 01 balances redness in the skin for a perfectly even, dewy complexion.Formulated with five natural plant extracts and three types of hyaluronic acid, this primer conditions and moisturizes the skin for a clear complexion that stays fresh and smooth all day.
Glossy oil in the base and secret d’or (champagne gold pearl) work together to create lustrous, radiant skin. Contains oil that firmly clings to the skin and foundation in addition to spherical powder that absorbs excessive sebum
3 types of sodium hyaluronate and an abundance of orange flower water deeply hydrate for well balanced, moisturized skin day in and day out.
Primer S’ unique formula hydrates dry skin while balancing oily skin to maintain a perfect dewy finish for all.
The ‘S’ stands for serum as this primer does more than primes – it conditions the skin as you wear it.

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